May/June 2021 Newsletter and Calendar

Message from Mrs. Coy

May 1, 2021

Happy May!   Can you believe we have made it a complete year in brick and mortar despite COVID?  So proud of parents, students, staff and community in coming together,  getting us needed supplies and following the guidelines.  We survived COVID 19!!!(should be a t-shirt logo).

We have many activities planned for May and the first week of June.  We are still able to have our PE Fun Day, Talent and Hobby Day along with 5th Grade Promotion.  Of course, we will have to follow the district’s Covid expectations of sanitizing and no parents/guardians at the events.   Teachers will work with you in getting pictures or videos to you.  Teachers will be sharing more about the events as the days get closer!

IMPORTANT REMINDERS to end the year on a good note!

  • No pets are allowed on school property. This includes during arrival and departure times.
  • Students are being reminded to keep hands and feet to themselves as the warmer weather is bringing about a little more activity.  
  • For a child to bring a cell phone to school, we need a note with adult permission and the student agreeing to keep it in their bookbag on silent mode. If by chance they don’t follow the policy, teachers will hold onto it until parent/guardians can pick it up from the school.  The school isn’t held accountable for missing phones. 
  • Please remember to drop off and pick up students on the same side of their door entrance, not across the street.   Don’t forget to use the sidewalks!
  • Doors open and supervision begins at 7:45 am and starting time is 8:00 am.  Please plan departure from home as needed.  We are having a record number of tardies this year.
  • The Franklin staff misses our students when they are absent.  Attendance is monitored at the state and district levels.  Research shows the better attendance, the better the student does with their learning and work habits as adults.  Last day of school is a half day on June 4th.  
  • Since it is getting warmer, please have students bring their water bottles filled with water. 
  • Don’t forget to enroll your students for next year as the district will be sending out information soon! 

Our PTO board  has done an amazing job this year as they have been creative in finding ways to have fundraisers and zoom meetings/family activitites.  A BIG thank you to Mary Lee McMillan as she wore many hats (treasurer, vice president, secretary, etc. ) as needed, Sabrina McMiller in her leadership as President, Jane Brookshire, president-elect for next year, Stacey Forshee, teacher representative, Rita Curry (whatever needed to be done),  Elisa Mendoza-Morales, teacher appreciation activities and Crystal Rowe (secretary).  It has been an unique year but we had lots of fun with the different activities by zoom.  With our families help, we were able to raise funds to continue with the $500 scholarship to a Junction City High School senior, support teacher events, support for Accelerated Reader activities and door prizes for the PTO meetings.   Can’t wait to see what we do next year when we are able to meet again! We still have openings on next year’s PTO if you would like to assist!

In closing, I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your support this year.  It has been a year like no other one.  We will remember the masks, the hand sanitizings, zoom meetings, social distancing, etc. as we reflect on the school year.  I hope we have helped our students continue their academic learning, helped them to re-socialize with classmates, and how to be a kind person to one another.   This school year has definitely put to rest the notion that computers will replace teachers.   We know how important it is for students to be in class with an adult and socializing with peers.  THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!!

Best of luck to our 5th graders as you move to middle school!   You will be missed!!! Make us proud as you are an amazing group of students!!!


Mrs. Coy

Library News

So far this year, Franklin students have checked out 9,628 items from the library!  We have passed 2,447 AR tests and earned 1,889 AR points.  That’s a lot of reading. 

Be sure to follow Franklin Elementary on Facebook.  Search for @FranklinUSD475 

All library books, computers, chargers, hotspots and cases need to be turned in to the library.  Last day to turn in library books is May 27th. Other items are due by June 3. Here are replacement/damage fees for items not turned in by due date:

Computers         $350.00

Chargers             $21.00

Cases                  $20.00

Hot spots            $25.00

Wonders textbooks   up to $89.00

Library books    $12.00 (brand new books full price)

5 Summertime Activities to Keep Learning Going

The key is for kids to have a choice in what they do during the summer. Tap into your kid’s interests and let them choose to visit a museum, check out books from the library, do a project and play games. Tailor these activities to your kid and she’ll have an enjoyable summer—and be sharp for when school starts up again.

Here are some ideas for summer learning activities:

Vegetable Garden
While it can be fun to visit a vegetable garden, it’s fun and educational to create your own vegetable garden. Your kid will use science, math and logic to set up the garden and grow the plants right. The best part? They can literally enjoy the fruits of their labor!

Family Olympics
Get active, play a series of athletic or not-so-athletic games, letting kids keep track of everyone’s points for a math challenge.

Community Service
How can you help your community? If your child is a people person who wants to tutor younger children or serve meals to the homeless, there’s a great community service activity waiting for her help!

Grocery Store Math
While you’re grocery shopping or going out for ice cream, talk to your child about counting money. If one avocado costs $2, ask how much you have to pay for two or three.

End of Year Messages from your Franklin Family!

Farewell 5th graders as you move on to the middle school for bigger and better things.  Franklin will definitely miss you, but we know our Falcons need to fly and continue to succeed.  As for the other students, we are glad we have more time together.  See you next year.

Mrs. Curry, Title 1 aide

Whew!  What a year it has been!  I feel so blessed that we’ve been able to stay in school for the whole year!!! 😊  It definitely was worth all the 1001 times of commenting, “Please cover your mouth and nose with your mask,” in the gym, and all the squirts of hand sanitizer and disinfectant wiping of equipment.  You all are the BEST!!!!  5th graders, good luck at the middle school.  I’ll miss you all!  The rest of my students, I hope you have a wonderful summer and I look forward to seeing you all next year!!!!  HAPPY SUMMER VACATION!!!  DON’T FORGET TO EAT HEALTHY AND EXERCISE DAILY!!! 

Mrs. Thissen     

2nd Graders Thoughts about the School Year

Miss Berges- I hope everyone has a wonderful summer!

Isaiah- What I liked about about second grade was math, reading and recess. I like the math tests.

Maddylina- What I loved about second grade is all of the friends I have here and the greatest teacher in the world.

Xavier- I love reading, doing math and going to recess. I also like the reading tests and math tests.

Sariah- What I loved about second grade is writing and the spelling tests. I love reading lots of stories.

Liam- I liked second grade because we go outside and going to lunch.

Jonathan- I like having field day and doing math.

Jeremiah- I like how Miss Berges teaches us how to do our math tests and teaching us new things about math.

Skylar- I like being back at school. I love my teacher, math and reading.

Mathew- I like the teachers.

Ella- I like reading books.

Brennon- I like math.

Chase- I like doing math.

Wyman- I like math.

Macie- I like eating lunch.

Charlsey- I have liked doing science.

Cecilia- I have liked doing math and reading.