March Newsletter and Calendar

Picture of Franklin's March school calendar

Happy March!  How awesome is it that we are still in brick and mortar or remote learning!  So many districts throughout the United States are just getting back into the building.  So proud of our district, staff and students in trusting us and following COVID 19 procedures. 

March reminds me of Spring and Hope!  In the Spring, we plant the seeds, water the seeds, and watch them blossom.   Just like students, we plant seeds throughout the school year, we encourage them throughout their activities and find them blossoming into very successful students.  I have always said parenting is one of the hardest jobs we have.   I found a flyer with 3 simple tips to help become the great parents we all strive to be.   Which ones are you going to try?

Upcoming Events:

Picture Day: March 10th Remote students come to the front door between 10:30-12:00, and let your teacher know. EVERYONE may order online at using school code 315258326. Online orders must be submitted by the day after picture day. Do not send an order to school after picture day. To order after deadline, call SCH Photography at 913-384-9126 ($10.00 fee applies)

Spring Break March 15th – 19th

State Assessment for students in grades 3-5.  Be sure to check the April calendar for specific dates and times.

8 Tips for Parents to Help Your Child Prepare for High-Stakes Tests

  1. Prioritize attendance and homework-do what you can to ensure that your child is fully engaged with his or her classwork throughout the year.
  2. Communicate with your child’s teacher-Regular communication with your child’s teacher can help you gain insight into your child’s progress.
  3. Talk to your child about test taking- Knowing the “why” behind testing can help instill a drive to succeed in your child.
  4. Offer positive reinforcement-a little encouragement can go a long way in helping students walk into testing days feeling confident.
  5. Support healthy habits- important to make sure that your child gets a good night’s sleep, starts the day with a filling breakfast.
  6. Give your child a study space-a comfortable, dedicated space for homework and studying can work wonders for your child’s productivity.
  7.  Keep testing in perspective-avoid putting too much emphasis on your child’s test scores—doing so can make your child feel pressure that will ultimately only affect his or her performance negatively.
  8. Debrief after the test-After testing day has come and gone, talk with your child about his or her results and how he or she felt about the test.

How to Support Student Learning at Home

Parents are a child’s first teachers and the home is a child’s first classroom. As key resources for learning and growth, parents help to shape a child’s social, emotional and physical development so that he/she can thrive in school and beyond.  Supporting student success starts with a shared agreement among families, schools and the community to work together and it involves committed actions to make it happen.

10 Tips for Parents

As a parent, you can do your part at home to reinforce this important family-school partnership. To help prepare your children for school readiness to stay on track and expand their learning opportunities:

  • Set up a daily family routine, including healthy eating and sleeping habits
  • Provide a place and time at home for homework
  • Check on assignments, homework and projects
  • Talk each day with your child about his/her activities
  • Promote literacy by reading to your child and by reading yourself
  • Limit and monitor TV watching, gaming, social media and computer time
  • Express high expectations and standards for your child’s learning
  • Attend parent-teacher conferences, Open House and Back-To-School events
  • Participate in decisions that affect your child’s education
  • Tap into community resources with visits to a library, museum, zoo or theater and encourage participation in after-school clubs, sports and art activities