November Newsletter

Franklin November newsletter see text below

Principal News – Mrs. Coy

Thank you to everyone who participated in parent teacher conferences as you made it a priority.  Research indicates that when teachers and parents work together, children perform better academically.  If you haven’t had time to visit with a teacher yet, please make contact soon. 

I have been so proud of the students and the families in working diligently in following safety procedures of wearing masks and physical distancing.  We are thankful to have wonderful families.  As the number of COVID cases are rising in our community, please follow the district policy of wearing a mask when on school grounds.  Please do not exit your car unless you are wearing a mask.  I truly appreciate your support and consideration of our safety.    

Dates to Remember

Nov. 9 – 20 – Food Drive
Nov.  4  – Report Cards Go Home

Nov. 11th – Veterans’ Day No School!

Nov. 19th – PTO Zoom Meeting, 6:00

Nov. 23 – Nov. 27 – Thanksgiving Break for All!

Special Event

 Please help us stock the Wheels of HOPE (Helping Other People Eat) by bringing in food donations.  Items can be sent in with your students. 

Outside Recess – Students are going outside unless the temperature with windchill is 20 or below.  Please have students wear appropriate clothing including hats and gloves.  

Do you need a Franklin T-Shirt?

PTO will be sending out orders very soon!   I believe you will see a Falcon with a mask on it!

Excellent Attendance

Being in school every day means your child won’t miss out on learning either in school or by remote learning.  Try to schedule appointments and family trips outside of school hours.  A  child  will only be excused if they are sick.  


Families that have donated clorox wipes and masks! 

Families that helped support the PTO Nights at Papa Johns and Marco Pizza’s.  We collected around $60 each night!

PTO for the yummy sandwiches, chips and cookies during one of our long nights of Parent/Teacher conferences.  So very thoughtful!

Do you ask your child about school and they say they don’t remember or don’t have much to say?  Here are some possible questions that might start a conversation:

What was the coolest thing that happened at school?  What wasn’t so cool?

Pretend you’re the teacher.  How would you describe the day?

* What made you laugh?

What was the most creative thing you did?

How were you kind or helpful today?  Was anyone kind or helpful to you?

We Are Thankful for…

Mrs. Forshee’s 5th grade class is thankful for…..

Shondrea – friends and pets.

Dakota –  friends.

Messiah – food, water, home, my mom, siblings, my PS4 and school.

Roy – food. 

Lilly – family and friends.

Elijah – my playstation and tv.

Trelius – my family, friends, and hot fries.

Jazlynn – my family because they love and comfort me. ]

Dany –  a good class, nice grandmother, my friends, sisters and brother.

Skylor – family, friends and food.

Haydn – my mom and dad and friends.

Abigail – having fun with my family and friends.

Bishop – family.

River –my  best friend.

Joseph – for my friends and family. 

Cayden – food, shelter, school and recess. 

Franklin Staff is thankful for….

Miss Berges – my family.

Mrs. Gose – every day, every sunrise and sunset.

Mrs Thissen – to be back at school with my students—-I missed them tremendously!!!

Mrs. Beets – family, faith, and awesome co-workers.

Mrs. Deam – being able to put 2,544 books in Franklin students’ hands so far!

Miss Browning – being able to see my students, even though we are on Zoom.  Each day of learning is a day in growing our brains.

Miss Brown – being able to be back in school.

Mrs .Dixon – being back in the brick-and-mortar building helping the ELL students do their personal best every day.

Mrs. Anders – for all of the students smiling faces and the hardworking staff; the teachers have all done an amazing job!!!

Mrs. Aumen – family and a good cup of coffee.

Mrs. Forshee – family, students and my health.

Miss Corneliusen – having healthy students back in the school building.

Mrs. Kelly – back to work and around my co-workers

Mrs. Coy – amazing students and families, dedicated staff, and students able to come back to brick and mortar or by  remote learning  so education can continue. 

November school calendar for Franklin School