Franklin Post

Picture of March newsletter

Happy March! Hopefully we will have more warm days than cold this month. We need some spring weather to help us with our attendance. Recent attendance numbers:

· February 12 – 13 students absent and 13 tardy

· February 13 – 19 students absent and 14 tardy

· February 14 – 16 students absent and 21 tardy

· February 18 – 18 students absent and 14 tardy

Unfortunately, we have the highest percentage of absences among all 13 elementary schools. Thank you to those who have called the school and given us doctor notes for absences. Parents/guardian are held responsible for the child’s absences if they are not excused. We want Franklin students to have the same if not better opportunities in learning than other students. Teachers have carefully prepared lesson plans and scheduled fun activities to engage students in learning and to create the desire to come to school every day. We know that students who come on a regular basis will develop good work skills to help them in the future. Also, when students return after being absent, they have to work extra hard to catch up with new learning which can cause stress and even misbehavior. Let’s work on better attendance for March!!!

March will be busy as you will see on the attached school calendar. There are many opportunities for you to visit and have fun with the students. Parent/teacher conferences are after spring break. We can’t wait to share with you the growth your child is demonstrating.

Students in grades 3 – 5 will start taking Kansas State Assessments in March and April. The schedule is below: (Please arrange for appointments outside of testing times).

March 24 & March 25 – 5th Grade Science@ 8:30

March 31 – 4th Grade Reading @ 9:00 and 3rd Grade (Obee) Reading @ 10:00

April 2 – 4th Grade Reading @ 9:00 and 3rd Grade Reading @ 10:00

April 3 – Mrs. Benton’s 3rd Grade Reading @ 10:00

April 7 – 5th Grade Reading, 8:30

April 8– 5th Grade Reading @ 8:30

April 14 – 3rd Grade Math @1:00

April 15 – 4th Grade Math @9:00 and 3rd Grade Math @ 1:00

April 16 – 4th Grade Math @ 9:00

April 21 & 22 – 5th Grade Math @ 10:00

I hope your family will enjoy the well-deserved Spring Break with family and friends. Be safe and I look forward to having a strong finish to the school year.

Mrs. Coy

3rd Grade News

The third graders have been learning about Economics in Social Studies. After discussions on needs and wants, goods and services, consumers and produces, the students played a game similar to the Game of Life. They had to choose a career where they received a certain amount of money for their allowance. They kept a budget, subtracting and adding money to their accounts as they went around the board. They seemed to enjoy the game and learn a lot about making and losing money. Here were their thoughts:

How did you feel the game went?

Cooper: “Not good, because I didn’t make any money!”

Daniel: “It was fun getting money, just not losing money.”

Camilla: “It was fun, because it was like a Math game where you lose money and make money. It was very fun!”

Aby: “I liked it because it’s basically to help parent with their jobs and help them with their money from their jobs.”

Mathew T: “I liked it because it was a challenge to see who gets how much money.”

Library News

Congratulations to our Battle of the Books team: Aiyana, Cayden, Saige, Samara, Shondrea and Unique.  The team was selected based on teacher recommendation and will be reading the 6 books for the district-wide competition on April 30th.   Teams will answer questions about the books with the quickest team moving up to the next round. Our team is working with Mrs. Hanson to read and discuss the books. A big thank you to Mrs. Coy for purchasing each team member a copy of the book!